Monday, June 06, 2005

What's in a Name?

Not too long ago, my next door neighbor told me that he and his college friends had set up a blog to reminisce and muse about their college days. "What's a Blog?", I asked. A "web log" I learned, was a new way to leverage the Internet to disseminate thoughts, ideas, and observations. One day, I visualized, I would create a "blog" to muse not at my college days at Northwestern, but at Democrat misguidance, ineptitude and follies in Illinois and close to my North Shore home.

There's little creative element to publishing a blog about Democrat missteps in this state. Mike Madigan, The Schakowsky/Creamer contingency, and Mel Reynolds remind us that Scott Fawell isn’t the only one Illinoisan capable of “bending” the rules. And Daley, Blagojevich and Terry Link (future Link posts to follow) are the poster children for the "Did he really say/do that?”

Yes - a regular look at the Democrat bumblings in three rings - Chicago, Springfield and Washington – could be quite entertaining. Bumblings and clowns that often resemble a three ring circus. Today, Cirque du Democrat is launched.


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