Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The difference between Democrats and Republicans - Part 27

Republicans: Provide Creative Solutions to Constituents

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R.-Ill., kicked off the enrollment period with an informational session in his Aurora-based district featuring Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Mark McClellan. Hastert has said the prescription drug program will ensure that seniors "now have choices that drive down the cost of their health care."

Democrats: Complain Without Offering Solutions

"We have created a plan here that is so difficult, so confusing and so hard for average people to understand that many seniors are struggling to find out what is the best plan to turn to in order to protect themselves and to protect their families and to protect their health," (U.S. Senator Dick) Durbin told reporters during a press conference with other Democrats.

Source: Copley News Service
November 16, 2005


Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

I think democrats are better for creating better health care and a better enviroment.

3:01 PM  

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