Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Time to go, Mayor Morton

Add another one to the list of Democrats blaming inanimate objects instead of taking personal responsibility for their own missteps. What was 86-year Evanston Mayor Lorraine Morton's reaction to this weekend’s shooting and murder at Evanston’s “The Keg”? "I want to know what role liquor played in this. Nobody in Evanston has any business with a gun”, proclaimed Morton.

No, Mayor Morton. As Commissioner of Evanston’s Liquor Control and Review Board you’ve had no business renewing the liquor license for an establishment that has a track record for underage drinking that dates back to my days as an undergraduate at Northwestern. You don’t have to wait for Sunday’s Tribune quoting a 19 year old Evanston girl referring to “The Keg” as a watering hole for “high schoolers” before you take action.

Police now have identified their suspect. Surprise, surprise, he's a nineteen year old.

"When a situation like this arises you have to do something", proclaimed Morton. No, Mayor Morton. This hasn’t “arisen”, it’s ancient history. Stop blaming guns and liquor as the problem and look at your own lack of leadership, negligence and culpability.

Evanston residents deserve a hands on, proactive Mayor running its city and it Liquor Board.


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