Thursday, July 07, 2005

UPDATED: Mayor Daley's "Richards":

Last week, the Cirque introduced a new photo series entitled “Richards”. With Mayor Richard Daley humiliating the city’s “Johns” by posting their photos on a city website, we thought it would be appropriate (and fair) to maintain another first name picture gallery. “Richards” are City Hall’s scandal plagued cast of characters.

This week’s contribution is actually a show of support for the Mayor of Chicago. In a press conference last month, Daley was unmistakably clear that he was not personally connected to the drug trafficking ring which resulted in federal charges for three Water Department employees.

“I didn't sell it. Don't ever accuse me of selling heroin”, asserted Mayor Daley. While the court of public opinion has understandably and justifiably accepted the Mayor’s denial of wrong-doing, it didn’t prevent us from adding to the ever-growing collection of the City of Chicago’s . . .



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Love the series.

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