Friday, September 23, 2005

Quotes for an upcoming Peraica mail piece

"Stroger should leave "

"Why doesn't Stroger announce his retirement? "

". . . rarely a month goes by without some new revelation in the press about a case of county nepotism, cronyism or worse. "

Chicago Tribune
September 23, 2005


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Kelly,

I want to thank you for taking a strong and courageous stand against the
unethical behavior of Mr. Welch and others on the Proviso School Board. It
is very unfortunate that I have to remain anonymous in this letter but I
have been employed at Proviso for over ten years and I have seen what
happens to employees who speak out. They are just simply terminated by the
Proviso clique of what is a disgrace of a board majority. It is really a
shame to allow a person like Mr. Welch to serve on our board making
decisions for our children’s future and he consistently lies, cheats and
steals from the very system that he is supposed to protect (District 209).
He has been involved in illegal employment, firing and now he is using his
political connections to Eugene Moore to lauder money for his future
campaigns. When will the people wake up and call for an emergency hearing
with the state and federal government to remove this poor excuse of an
advocate for children from our school board. Has anyone contacted the state
office of education or the Illinois State School Board Association? I along
with other employees here in the district have watched this madness long
enough. The recent employment of his brother, Billy Welch, who is a known
drug dealer in our communities, is not acceptable to our parents and
taxpayers. Now we have the employment of the past board member, who is a
Welch flunky (Mike Carlson), working in our schools making $19.00 hr.
working security. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Mr. Unethical
Welch. There has been an accused child molester around our children for
three years under the political thumb of Mr. Welch. There is a man named
Tommy Miller who is a Chicago Public School P.E. teacher who is not only the
boy’s basketball coach at Proviso, he also coaches boy’s volleyball for
Proviso. Mr. Miller is a long time fraternity brother of Welch as well as a
family friend. Mr. Miller has two sustained cases of (misconduct towards
female students). That’s right; this man has been involved sexually with the
students in his past high school coaching positions. If you work for Chicago
Public Schools, why not coach in the Chicago system? That’s because Mr.
Miller has been banned from coaching in the system based on his unethical
behavior at Senn High School in the 90’s. Mr. Miller had sex with several of
his student basketball players until he was approached by the parents and
brought up on charges before the Inspector Generals office of Chicago Public
Schools, (Case# CPS90-12 and CPS90-13). Mr. Miller was allowed to continue
as a P.E. teacher because he reached an out of pocket agreement with the
parents to settle the matter. This drained his financial bank accounts along
with some income property in Chicago and in Louisville, Mississippi and
forced him to file bankruptcy in the Illinois northern court with Judge Jack
B. Schmetterer, and Attorney Sara K. Ledford, 200 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 209
(Case#0436735). After review of the bankruptcy, it was determined that Mr.
Miller has also used several alias names to file separately under Tommy
Watson, Tommie Miller (Chapter 7) and would often use the name Tommy L.
Miller (Chapter 13). Along with filing bankruptcy was the second mortgage on
his property to pay off the second family of the student that he was
involved with. This can be found as a Lien on his home (Case# 03M10115189)
in the amount of a $10,000.00 payment also known as (HUSH MONEY). The last
family of the student he had sexual relationship with, who also played on
Mr. Miller’s girl’s basketball team, did not press charges on Mr. Miller
because there was another out of pocket agreement made between the two. He
agreed to marry her. It is his current wife who is still ashamed of the
situation and goes by the name of Marcia Watson. Who by the way is also
employed by Mr. Welch at Proviso West High School. Mr. Miller was also
involved with a former Proviso West graduate who played under the direction
of Coach Dianna Thomas. This Hispanic student went on to Robert Morris
College where she met Tommy Miller who forced her to have sex with him in
order to start on the basketball team. This student was later sexually
abused by a lesbian student associated with Mr. Miller. This led to Mr.
Miller’s departure at Robert Morris College as a coach.

GOD PLEASE HELP US. The parents of this community are asking you now, Mrs.
Kelly and the rest of the Board of Education to please continue to be
positive voices for our children and remove this type of foolishness,
unethical and immoral presence from our schools and around our children who
are striving to be great students as well as athletes here at Proviso
Township High Schools.

3:00 AM  

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