Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My favorite liberal rant is that workers should be entitled to live in the communities in which they work

"I would like to see affordable housing. It's important to have housing for our employees in town."

-Northbrook Village Trustee Sandy Frum
regarding plans for building an entertainment, retail and residential complex in Northbrook


Blogger T.J. Brown said...

Before my beloved trustees decide to erode my home value by demanding underpriced homes be built near mine, I believe they should immediately do something to rectify the problem.

Sandy Frum, I'm looking for a single family home, and I'm willing to buy your home sight unseen for $160,000. Do your part! Keep home values affordable! Sell now!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Diane said...

Why then do so many city workers in so many cities prefer to live outside of their community. So much so that most municipalities have some sort of ordinance requiring that they live inside the city boundaries.

8:58 AM  

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