Thursday, June 23, 2005

Now That I've Apologized . . .

. . . Please send me your money to take on Republicans who are "way outside the mainstream".

On the very day Americans heard Dick Durbin publicly apologize for his inflammatory remarks about the U.S. military, "I have come to understand that was a very poor choice of words", Democrats received a second message from the Illinois Senator. In an email to financial supporters (full text below), Durbin asked for money so that Democrats could stop the Republicans "radical agenda". Republican priorities, wrote Durbin, "are way outside the mainstream."

Honorable Senator Durbin - Couldn't you have waited 24 hours after your tearful apology before you hit up the Dems for more money?

A Special Message from Senator Dick Durbin
June 22, 2005
By Dick Durbin

As the Senate Democratic Whip, it's my job to count the votes we have for our position on all the controversial issues we face in the Senate. I've been on the job for six months, and I've learned one very important thing in that short time: We need more Democrats in the United States Senate in order to put a permanent stop to the right wing agenda supported by George Bush, Bill Frist, and Tom DeLay.

Taking back the Senate in 2006 is the sole mission of the DSCC. This is the only national party organization that legally can give hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to the candidates facing the nation's tightest Senate races. According to the FEC, it's called "441a(d) authority" and with it, the DSCC is the only national organization that can contribute money directly to Senate races. Not even the DNC, which is busy with a number of other campaigns, contributes directly to Senate candidates. We need your help to get your dollars where they need to go. Please make a contribution and help us meet our goal today.

If we're going to elect a Democratic Senate, we need the DSCC's nationwide perspective to know just what needs to be done and when we need to do it. You and I both know that our nationwide campaign to take back the Senate won't be easy and it won't be free.

That's why I'm asking for your help today. We need resources now so that we can build the best possible campaigns in order to defeat the Republicans in 2006 and put a stop to their radical agenda. Plus, if we can meet our goal, we'll have the upper hand as the individual races heat up. Please help us beat $500,000 by making a contribution today.

The Republican Party's right wing priorities are way outside the mainstream.
After we elect a new Democratic Senate in 2006, we'll be able to shift the nation's focus to issues that truly matter: restoring our nation's honor abroad; securing quality, affordable health care for every American; and protecting our precious natural environment.

When you help us meet our goal, we'll gain an important victory now, but we'll also be primed to win the biggest victory of all in November 2006. I hope I can count on your support.


Dick Durbin

P.S. We also need your help to bring more people into our campaign to elect a Democratic Senate. Send an email to your friends and family today. Ask them to make a secure online contribution and help us put a stop to George Bush's right wing agenda.


Blogger Amy Allen said...

Good and incisive take on the Democratic-perpetuated hypocrisy.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick Durbin wasn't apologizing to the President of the United States, he was apologizing to the President of the Senate, Dick Cheney.

3:12 PM  

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