Monday, July 11, 2005

Democrat Alter Egos

With U.S. Representative Lane Evan’s campaign committee agreeing to pay a $185,000 settlement for FECA violations, the FEC contended that a Democratic committee was illegally set up as an “alter ego” for the Evans campaign. According to the FEC, the 17th District Victory Fund accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate contributions which would have violated election laws if they had been received directly by the Evans campaign. The FEC further charged that these funds were subsequently expended on efforts to re-elect Lane Evans to office.

Democrats have setup similar “victory” funds in other CD’s and one of the striking similarities between these funds and the illegal schemes of the 17th District Fund is the common thread of vendors and contributors.

In a post to follow, the Cirque will shed light on the common thread of the so-called alter egos (hint pictured above). Stay tuned . . .


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