Monday, July 25, 2005

The Liberal Dictionary - "That's Just Fine"

Sometimes the Liberal Dictionary is not needed to translate liberal speak. Such is the case for today's entry which comes courtesy of Judith-Rae Ross, Democrat candidate for State Rep in Illinois' 17th. Ross is a former Niles Township Trustee who is hoping to unseat five-term Republican incumbent Beth Coulson.

No, Judith Rae's quote won't be a regular entry into the Liberal Dictionary. It's going in the Preface with other examples which lay the foundation and background for liberal speak. Says Judith:

"I am a Democrat. That means if there needs to be
programs, that's just fine. "
May 5, 2005

From the same article, there was another Judith Rae quote which is dripping with metaphoric irony:
"She is a formidable opponent," Ross said of Coulson. "On the other hand, do I look like sliced bread?"
It's all chopped liver to me.


Blogger Amy Allen said...

Amen, sir! Representative Coulson is vastly underappreciated!

9:12 PM  

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