Friday, July 15, 2005

Blagojevich Doesn't Discriminate Among His Broken Promises

We all know about Blagojevich's broken campaign promises, but did anyone expect that he would keep promises delivered to the General Assembly as Governor?

"It Is Time For Honest Budgeting And Long-Term Planning. In The Past, Each Budget Was Designed To Get From One Fiscal Year To The Next. From Now On, Our Budgets Will Build The Foundation For Long-Term Structural Reform."
-Rod Blagojevich
April 9, 2003
"Blagojevich's budget mortgages the future"
Herald & Review
June 5, 2005

"Move to balance budget may cost Ill. residents $7B"
Rockford Register Star
June 22, 2005
"This is the third year for that (borrow now, pay later) shell game."
Northwest Herald
June 4, 2005


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